Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance Schedules. Clean windows can make or break a view from inside a home or property. Having them only cleaned once a year is going to dramatically reduce the clarity of a beautiful view. Not only the view gets reduced the looks of the home or business loses its pristine look and it clean feeling. For a restaurant, poorly maintained windows can make people question the quality and cleanliness of an establishment.

Our Maintenance schedules are just what your property needs. We have many different schedules to fit each home or businesses needs and budget. Whether its window cleaning, pressure washing, lights, mirror or solar panels we can work up a great schedule that will keep your place looking its best year round at a low cost. Call us for a free estimate on how we can keep your place looking amazing year round.

Glass maintenance is important not only for your view but to keep glass from oxidizing and even etching. If glass is not proprely maintained it will eventually require expensive time consuming methods to restore the glass.

Exterior of homes and buildings may require only certain areas to be cleaned more frequently then others. For instance pressure washing is needed on some of our properties only on the North sides due to the lack of direct sun. This causes mold and mildew to grow where sprinklers run and dew runs down ledges. This can cause hazardous conditions on walkways and stairs or just make the appearance of the property to look unappealing.

For solar panels maintenance is a must to keep them producing their power at full capacity. Depending on thier location and slope some need more frequent cleaning then others. Call us for a free estimate so we can help you decide whats best for your solar panels to keep them working 100%.



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